Summer Intership at TaylorMadePR – A Hong Kong Intern

Summer Intership at TaylorMadePR – A Hong Kong Intern

For my summer internship, I travelled from Hong Kong to a bigger international financial centre – London. Having the opportunity to work in TaylorMadePR throughout half of my summer semester disclosure me, as a freshman, to the PR world. I am studying Bachelor of Business Administration in the University of Hong Kong. This internship is a treasurable opportunity for me to gain working experience in the field of PR because TaylorMadePR is a professional PR agency with years of practical experience.

I have been working with Chinese clients during my internship. More and more Chinese companies wish to gain international reputation by advertising and featuring their products in the western media, while some even launch their goods and services in the UK. I have also written some emails and translated TaylorMadePR business credentials into Chinese to pitch different Chinese hotels in Beijing and Shanghai. Through the translation work, I could learn a lot of professional wordings that reveal the statistics and information of PR industry.


In addition to translation work, business communication is also a highlight of my internship. I went to a company summer party of TaylorMadePR in Hotel Xenia and met press in an event held by TravMedia. Before working in TaylorMadePR, I have never attended such PR events before and I realise that I love meeting with different people and sharing our experience. The cultural environment in London is slightly different from Hong Kong as western people tend to be more active and friendly. It is not easy to start a topic at first. With a glass of Prosecco or white wine in hand, people start conversation with others moving around. I am so thankful that Sarah invited me to attend these events with her because such workplace communication skill can never be learnt in textbooks or lectures.

This 6-week internship in TaylorMadePR is amazing. It is a precious opportunity to work abroad and learn from a workplace with different culture. I am very grateful for this opportunity and will use the knowledge that I have gained to the betterment of myself and get more prepared my future career. I am looking forward to visit London again soon!