Taylormade Public Relations – Boutique PR Firm Delivers Personalised Service and Bottom-Line Results.

Taylormade Public Relations is a dynamic, boutique, London based PR firm with experience in crafting and executing highly successful campaigns throughout a number of industry sectors. TaylormadePR has a comprehensive approach to marketing-oriented PR campaigns, which offers the principal-level approach of a smaller agency, yet we possess an impressive database of established contacts in top-tier press that rivals that of  even the largest agencies.

Whether designing a traditional public relations campaign, organising events that directly reach clients target market or providing consultation to clients on social media outreach and search engine optimisation, Taylormade Public Relations has the knowledge to manage the full-spectrum of marketing and PR services. With experience, in international reach, artful execution, and outstanding creativity that ensures our boutique public relations agency delivers on the promise of producing tremendous, bottom-line results for our clients. With a particular expertise in crafting luxury lifestyle, drink, food and dining, and travel PR campaigns. We invite you to take a look and discover how our boutique PR agency can benefit your business.

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